Where shadows sit

Ice scrawls striations over unsuspecting puddles
subduing them to stillness

A peaceful green earth encrusted
with jewels of stillness in the dark patches
waiting for light to glint and release
slowing the blood and pressing thoughts closer
to an inevitable mortality

Not even the bright sun cutting through the cold
can reach beyond this silhouette
to feed new saplings of thought
no chance to see what could be

Thoughts freeze into focus as time laments lost moments
As once faded neurons crystallise
Moments once lived
Words once said
Gazes once fixed
Stories once shared

This flippant yearning for pleasures past teases us to tears
And now we are back there
Back where that which was
And shared

As this thought holds us in its chilling palm
with a ridged shady grin


Author: ashokdmistry


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