Two decades to change
to charm
to attain
dignity for those who sit
and out of mind
after agendas and initiative
after research and rhetoric
the same point is returned to
with a feeling again of resentment and pain

why is this word so dirty
so maligned
feared and forbidden
it’s not the word that is of issue
rather the kind of people it refers to
those of us who are insoluble to society
we sit as a slick of over polite policy
place us is in a pigeon hole
and we’ll peck at your principles

we are the caucus of those who are never natives
who aren’t foreign
but rather just unauthentic
not real exotic fair that steps off a boat
to be groped at and prodded by all manner of folk
a prised beast authenticity conceived in tropical climes
With an accent that match features
real people
you know
not us the rabble of racist expletives
ten a penny
no culture between us

Generations after generations
pick up this Baton
to tKe this fight from the trenches
to a place where we can find redemption
after conferences and seminars
our cohort is confused
why will this agenda
refuse to be removed?

close your eyes
step back
open up and consider
who was present at
the conference
the seminar
the talk
the opening
who could have made change through the minimum of effort

They all abstained
they all had bigger fish and fowl to fry
those days
all our leaders fell flat when we needed them
reneged on their duty to sit with us
and listen to reason


Author: ashokdmistry


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