Tomorrow it’s December (again)

Reaching into the pocket of my winter coat after so many months feels like picking up where I left off. The railway receipt from way back in January and the leftover Indian cough sweets I bought from Delhi Airport remind me of the hope and worries with which I started the year. The battle’s fought, lost and never imagined I’d need to engage in, friendships newly formed, drifted apart and reconnected seem to have glazed my memories of this tumultuous solar cycle.

For me 2016 marked two great milestones as it was twenty years since I completed my first degree and graduated from university and the tenth year of married life. However, The year is so much more memorable for so so so many more reasons. December seemed so far away and a time that I felt reluctant to reach not least because of the rather ill tempered state of politics worldwide.  

As I got into my winter coat, after so many months, the year seemed to catch up with me. Once again I was watching the garishly lit horse drawn carriages as pass along Mumbai’s promenade, blagging our way into the lavish party at the Swiss Embassy in Delhi, playing in the warm sands of Portugal with my children, Hurtling across Taiwan in a bullet train, looking down from the mountains of Taitung county, breaking into an abandoned sugar factory, tasting muachi for the first time, seeing a house devoured by a banyan tree, whirling round the streets of barcelona on a tour bus, feeling my heart race as i took in the splendour of Gaudi’s Cathedral, looking into my rear view mirror and realising all of the Taiwanese interns are asleep as we speed along to Liverpool, Seeing the glowing fullmoon whilst visiting Ye Cracke in Liverpool,  racing headlong into the second performance of MethodsFor, finding myself back in Taiwan, exhibiting at NCKU art Gallery with Kev Ryan.  

A glance at the Calendar confirmed that tomorrow was the first of December, the big wind down, the froth of party season and inevitable nostalgia for a year that passed by.  As I got reacquainted with the coat I realised, I needed to clear the pockets and break with old cycles of the past. Let go of old grudges and pay last respects to old ways of working and being. On the other side of the hill that is December there is a new year waiting – with new opportunities and new challenges. Tomorrow is December but it’s nothing until it’s lived.


Author: ashokdmistry


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